Remap Dublin

Just 65Km outside of Dublin, MFK offers a mobile ECU remapping service to be able to provide a full car remap Dublin and surrounding areas. An engine tuning service will provide more power to under-powered engines or better fuel economy to those who are looking to reduce fuel costs. Why is the remapping Dublin service we offer better than the others? It’s simple, each customer receives a customised car remapping which provides only the best results.



Car Remapping Dublin and surrounding areas

Car Remapping Dublin

All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU and an OBD plug with which we can connect to the ECU. By remapping your vehicle you can increase your vehicle BHP and torque by up to 35%. Performance remaps are available for non-turbo petrol, non-turbo diesel, turbo petrol, turbo diesel engine models. Our mobile service will travel to Dublin and surrounding areas to improve your vehicles performance.

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