EGR Valve MFK auto care, Professional auto care servicesWhat does an EGR Valve do?

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation. EGR Valves were developed as a way of reducing pollution. They reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, into the atmosphere, but it also reduces the performance of your vehicle as it introduces hot gases into the air intake. When the EGR valve goes bad or faulty, it must be replaced. A bad EGR can really affect the engine’s performance, or even cause it to stop running altogether.

Why go with EGR Cleaning?

If your vehicle is relatively new or has low mileage then it’s unlikely there is a fault with the valve. It’s more likely a build up of soot that we will diagnose an EGR clean for.

What does the EGR Valve Blanking Service Include?

The EGR valve blanking service, offered by MFK AutoCare, will blank off the EGR at the manifold and disconnect it so it is no longer required. We will also remap your cars ECU.

When would I need an EGR valve replacement?

Some cars can not be blanked, such as Toyota and Lexus. In this case we can offer you an EGR valve replacement service at a fraction of the cost of your main dealer.

What is the cost of EGR replacement?

The EGR valve replacement cost will depend on your vehicle make and model. Before we carry out an EGR removal and replacement we would first carry out a diagnosis to see if the EGR cleaning service is more appropriate or whether your car would allow for us to carry out an EGR blanking service. Some cars can only be replaced and we suggest you contact us for a quote.

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