Increase BHP and torque by up to 35%

The performance remapping service provides remapped vehicles with increased power and torque within the upper-mid range of engine revs. Under acceleration the vehicle will be far more reactive and provide improved throttle response. The smooth acceleration, which a remap offers, enables safer overtaking and better all-round performance.

How much extra power can my vehicle gain from a remap?

Once your vehicle has been remapped, you can typically expect to see the following increases in power:

  • Non-turbo petrol engine: Up to 10% more power
  • Non-turbo diesel engine: Up to 10% more power
  • Turbo-petrol engine: Up to 20% more power
  • Turbo-diesel engine: Up to 35% more power


Gain better torque for improved towing power

ECU remapping is becoming an increasingly popular service for individuals with caravans, motorhomes or car towing in general. Lifting the restrictions off your vehicle so that it can benefit from better torque and greater overall pulling power is very useful when your vehicle is pulling extra weight or is under-powered.

Performance Remapping

ECU remapping for towing vehicles and for motorhomes can drastically help in providing that extra torque at lower rev ranges which is needed for faster and safer overtaking. What’s more, a remap will not increase your emissions in any way.

Performance remapping for improved engine performance

Delivering more power sooner on in the rev range

Besides providing your vehicle with more BHP and torque, the MAX-Tune remapping service actually makes this power available earlier on in the rev ranges compared to what you are accustomed to.

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