Engine Remapping

MFK offer an unbeatable engine remapping & engine tuning service to provide more power to under-powered engines or better fuel economy to those who are looking to reduce fuel costs. Why is the ECU remapping service we offer better than the others? It’s simple, each customer receives a customised engine remap using genuine tooling and software. We custom tune your vehicle on our state of the art 700 bhp Bosch Rolling Road with verified and proven results.

What is ECU Remapping Service?

ECU remapping is the term used to describe the process of re-programming the ECU (Engine Control Unit) via the OBD port on your vehicle. All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU and an OBD plug with which we can connect to the ECU. Using our engine remapping service will give you increased performance and greater fuel economy. Here at MFK auto care we can tailor our remapping service to either optimise your engine performance or fuel economy.

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Find out just how much a rempa can benefit your vehicle with our ECU remapping calculator.

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