What does the DPF Removal Service involve?

With the cost of replacement filters being so high, in the region of thousands rather than hundreds, we find the DPF Removal service to be extremely popular alternative for cash strapped customers. Not only is the service far cheaper it also guarantees you will have no further issues with your DPF.

The DPF removal service that we offer across all makes and models of vehicle includes the physical removal of the internal filter, the remapping of your vehicles ECU to disable the DPF functions, all resets and checks to guarantee no future issues with your diesel particulate filter.

How we remove your diesel particulate filter, DPF Removal

How we remove your diesel particulate filter.

Step 1.
We do a complete on-board diagnostics test on your car to verify what faults and issues you are having with your vehicle.

Step 2.
We reset your ECU clearing all the faults.

Step 3.
We take a copy of all the information from your vehicles ECU.

Step 4.
We remove the DPF filter from your car and cut a small opening and remove the internal filter. We then weld it back together and replace the unblocked filter to your car.

Step 5.
We then program the new data on to your vehicles ECU. This will stop the vehicle trying to regenerate and putting fault lights up on your dash.

Step 6.
We then test drive your vehicle to make sure everything is working as it should.

Step 7.
Finally we will do a last diagnostic test to make sure everything is correct and that there are no pending faults on your vehicle.

This service is very successful across all makes and models of vehicles. We charge €395 for this service and it takes 2 hours to complete at our garage in Westmeath.

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