Passive DPF Regeneration

DPF filter regeneration services.Passive DPF Regeneration takes place in your DPF filter automatically on motorway runs, when the exhaust temperature reaches a high enough level. Most modern vehicles especially in cities fail to meet these conditions and so manufacturers had to design-in ‘active’ regeneration which is controlled by the vehicle’s ECU.

Active DPF Regeneration

Active DPF Regeneration takes place when the soot loading in the filter exceeds a pre-set limit usually 45%. The vehicles ECU will inject extra diesel into the engine to raise the exhaust temperature and burn off the excess soot. If you stop the vehicle while this is in process the regeneration will fail and the extra diesel will drain into the sump contaminating your oil and causing the oil level to rise.

Forced DPF Regeneration

If the forced Regeneration is unsuccessful and you continue to drive your vehicle and the soot level rises above 75% you will see your DPF light come on your dash and you may experience reduced power as your vehicle goes into limp mode. You can bring your vehicle to our workshop where we will perform a forced regeneration under correct operating conditions to allow the regeneration to complete a full cycle and clean the soot from your DPF filter we may also need to change your oil.

The cost for a Forced Regeneration is €80.

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