DPF filter cleaning is keeping your Diesel Particulate Filter, or DPF Filter, clean and is becoming one of the most vital tasks when running a modern diesel vehicle. The main reason for early failure of the filter is due to the car only getting short runs and never getting the exhaust temperature high enough to fully regenerate the filter.

DPF cleaning the most important things to do are:DPF filter cleaning. Get a quote for our DPF cleaning services

  • Use good quality fuel.
  • Replace your diesel filter at recommended intervals.
  • Keep your oil changed and monitor for rising oil level.
  • Use a fuel treatment at least once a month.
  • Make sure your car gets a good run on the open road at least once a week.
  • If your car indicates it is doing a regeneration don’t stop the car until it is complete

We recommend you have your DPF Filter professionally cleaned every 50,000 kilometers before you run into problems with it completely blocking. We can provide this dpf cleaning service using tried and tested methods which will remove all the excess soot from the filter that your vehicle has been unable to remove through its own regeneration process.

All these steps will help to extend the life of your DPF filter but they do have a usable lifespan upon which cleaning and regeneration will no longer work and they will eventually clog with soot and cause a reduction in power and put your car into a limp home mode.

DPF Cleaning Service

Our dpf cleaning service, which takes on average 1 hour to complete, will reduce the level of soot content in your exhaust system by a minimum of 70%. This will enable your car to start normal regeneration processes and reduce the soot content further.

The cost for the complete service is €180 across all makes and models of vehicle.

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